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Products - Utilizing green plumbing products can have a substantial impact on the amount of water and energy we use in meeting our plumbing needs. Many green plumbing products and systems are currently more costly than their conventional counterparts.  Going green with plumbing is still a smart investment, as it pays for itself and then some by reducing your water and electricity bills.  Plus, many local and state governments offer rebates for installing green plumbing components in your home.  Green plumbing may even increase the resale value of your home, as more and more people demand environmentally responsible plumbing systems.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is sponsoring a voluntary program called WaterSense for labeling green plumbing products.  The Energy Star label has become a reliable indicator for energy-efficient electronics and appliances.  In time, perhaps WaterSense and other eco labels will be the new standard for water-conserving appliances and fixtures as green plumbing goes global.

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Plumbing Supplies & Parts Available

• Vanities
• Medicine Cabinets
• Water-Saving Fixtures
• Flush Valves & Parts
• Stainless Steel Sinks
• Decorative Faucets
• Handicap Fixtures

• Shower Head

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